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Protect your Business, Protect your Family, Protect your Customers, and Protect Yourselves

Welcome to CCSC's Points of Protection. We are here to help provide you with personal and business solutions for the new world we're living in.
Because we’re all in this together.

Why Choose CC Snack Co?

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, CCSC immediately sourced PPE products for our customers, employees, and families, from both here in the USA and overseas. Prices varied widely, shipping dates were unreliable, and we found ourselves spending days trying to secure the products we need. We quickly realized that the businesses and customers we served were spending valuable time and money doing the same thing, and we wanted to help.

We started sharing our resources with our customers, helping them reopen safely and quickly. Now, we want to help you. Check out our Made in the USA solutions, Business Solutions, and Home Solutions for the products you need to stay safe and stay in business.

Prices and availability of sanitizer, masks, and protective equipment continue to change daily. So stop spending your valuable time chasing down these essential products, and let us provide you with the best-priced, ready-to-ship protective gear!







Keep your customers, employees, and families safe. Kill coronavirus within 30 seconds!

H.E. Naturals is a Made in Maine hand sanitizer available in liquid and gel formulations. The 1.75 oz gel is perfect for your key chain, purse, or child’s backpack. And the added moisturizes won’t dry your hands, even with frequent daily use.

Our Clean RX Sanitizers and Cleaners are simple, safe, and effective. The convenient 8 oz pump style sanitizing gel can be placed anywhere in your home or business to encourage frequent cleaning.

All products are available in bulk sizes to refill the point of protection displays in your store.

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32 Oz Hand Sanitizer Gel 70% Alcohol


This formula contains >70% Ethyl alcohol, satisfying the CDC, FDA, and WHO guidelines for proper sanitization. Inactive ingredients, (glycerin, hydrogen peroxide) are added based on recommendations by the World Health Organization for hand sanitizer formulation. 

Keep your customers and staff safe with points of protection (POP) throughout your store. Available bulk product that you can use to refill your POP displays in your store. Retail ready, Wholesale

  • Spray
  • Wipes
  • Gel
    • Personal travel sizes
    • Larger sizes for the home
    • Bulk
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    • Liquid
  • Spray
  • Bulk
    • Gel
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We are here to help protect you and your business or home!

Our goal is to help you stay safe and keep your life moving forward Keep your business running smoothly and safely